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"With a collective heart, think ahead and create even better values”
As a supplier and manufacturer of forge products for the automotive, heavy machinery, construction machinery, and general industrial machinery sectors, Hyolim HF has manufactured various hot forge products since our establishment in 1983 based on the motto “With a collective heart, think ahead and create even better values”, including engine parts, suspension parts, and transmission parts using carbon steel, alloy steel, SUS, AL and other raw materials.
Equipped with key manufacturing facilities such as the Hammer and up-to-date Forging Press facilities, we have responded to customer demands, including difficult, small volume products to large-scale mass-production parts. Through endless technical developments, including raw material reduction and process simplification, we have acquired competitiveness not only within the Korean market, but also strived to expand into export markets such as the United States, Europe and Japan. Additionally, we have applied new forging techniques for hybrid vehicle parts, in turn increasing recovery rates, improving productivity and maximizing efficiency.
For Body Cylinders, a component used in excavators, steel casting was used as a key part of the Spring Ass’y in the past, but this caused various problems, including occurrence of bubbles and deteriorated mechanical properties. Based on our company’s efforts to develop new hot forging techniques, we achieved market dominance with our components being used in all products from 3 major excavator makers. We have been supplying our components to 1st Tier excavator manufacturers and expect a promising future market based on new demands through design changes in excavator parts. Particularly, the 3 major excavator makers have been establishing overseas plants in China, India and Brazil to increase global market share, which we expect will increase demand for our products.
In the future, Hyolim HF will continue providing the highest satisfaction to customers based on continuous R&D activities and value-added products. All of us here at Hyolim HF will do our best to rise to the top of the global hot forge sector industry.
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